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Welcome to the Team Page of
The Knockouts
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Join me in my efforts to support Epilepsy Support Network!

Thank you for supporting Epilepsy Support Network. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Team Members:
Total Raised$9,610.00  
Kaylee Kendle$8,250.00  
   Kristy Kendle$45.00  
   Emma Beuhring$45.00  
   Buddy Cox$0.00  
   Karen Cox$45.00  
   Susan Cox$0.00  
   Carson Fairbanks$45.00  
   Emmy Fairbanks$45.00  
   Stacy Fairbanks$45.00  
   Tom Fairbanks$45.00  
   Sandy Field$45.00  
   Jagger Iovonelli$45.00  
   Maddox Iovonelli$45.00  
   Stephanie Iovonelli$45.00  
   Brian Joyce$45.00  
   Sandy Joyce$45.00  
   Caden Kendle$45.00  
   Chuck Kendle$45.00  
   Elayne Kendle$45.00  
   Geoff Kendle$45.00  
   Carlos Lopez$0.00  
   Manon Miele$45.00  
   Marion Miele$100.00  
   Kara Noone$0.00  
   Barbara Olson$45.00  
   Kellie Schumacher$45.00  
   Sophia Schumacher$45.00  
   John Sojka$45.00  
   Mary Sojka$45.00  
   Chris Taylor$45.00  
   Chris Taylor$0.00  
   Dempsey Taylor$0.00  
   Dempsey Taylor$45.00  
   Kara Taylor$45.00  
   Mia Tomes$45.00  
   Ally Rose Torres$45.00  

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