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Un-seize The Day // April 21 // #TeamOwen
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Team Owen Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00
Total Raised: $3,365.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 10
Members Recruited: 36


Owen James Jendreas, born June 18, 2017 has been diagnosed with intractable focal partial epilepsy, don't google it, it's too sad.

Doctors are working around the clock to find the right treatment to keep Owen's seizures at bay and also allow him to continue to learn and grow like a baby should! We are still hoping to figure out what is causing Owen's seizures, but we may never know, epilepsy is a mysterious and complex illness. Owen experiences what is called 'focal onset partial' seizures, so it basically looks like he's day dreaming, and he often has several episodes per day. We are hopeful with the right medical treatment, intervention therapy, and lots of love that Owen will be able to overcome the limitations of his illness.

Join Team Owen and help us support the cause! Go Team Owen!! #TeamOwen

Team Members:
Total Raised$3,365.00  
Colleen Jendreas$865.00  
   Natalie Adams$45.00  
   Jen Atwater$50.00  
   Nicole Casenhiser$60.00  
   Heather Colomac$50.00  
   CWolf Dezign$45.00  
   Calen Huff$50.00  
   Courtney Huff$50.00  
   Elisabeth Jendreas$55.00  
   Elliot Jendreas$45.00  
   Greg Jendreas$245.00  
   Jameson Jendreas$95.00  
   Margo Jendreas$45.00  
   Owen Jendreas$95.00  
   Wendy Jendreas$145.00  
   Gregory Jendreas Jr.$45.00  
   ANN JONES$45.00  
   GLEN JONES$45.00  
   Brendan Kearney$100.00  
   Natalie Lakosil$45.00  
   Hugh Lenahan$100.00  
   Stacy Lorenz$55.00  
   Erinn Melbrod$145.00  
   Nico Melbrod$50.00  
   Wesley Melbrod$50.00  
   Kim Nakagawa$45.00  
   Emily Odenberg$45.00  
   Kelley Onken$50.00  
   Robert Polizzatto$70.00  
   Jessi Rideout$60.00  
   Robert Rideout$60.00  
   Amanda Rounds$55.00  
   Darcy Ryan$70.00  
   margaret ryan$145.00  
   Lauren Urbanski$100.00  
   Catherine Wiggins$45.00  

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